Recital 4
Sunday, May 19 @ 3:00 PM
Candy Land PRODUCTION Miss Danielle
Miss Nichole
Miss Britany
Trouble Elite Small Jazz 16-19 Tuesday 8:40 Miss Melissa
Sorry Advanced Senior Hip Hop Thursday 8:40 Miss Emily
Don’t Break the Ice Juliana Gorman Solo COMPETITION Miss Nichole
Monopoly Elite Tap Saturday 1:00 Miss Melissa
Operation Trio O (Ella, Emily, Sophie) COMPETITION Miss Britany
Twister Allie Lussier Solo COMPETITION Miss Britany
Connect 4 Elite Large Modern 13-15 Monday 7:40 Miss Danielle
Just Dance Eliza Euse Solo COMPETITION Miss Danielle
Hide and Seek Advanced Senior Lyrical Thursday 7:40 Miss Britany
Jenga Stephanie Chamberlain Solo (Shake it out) COMPETITION Stephanie Chamberlain
Simon Says Erin Grogan Solo COMPETITION Miss Danielle
Carcassonne Senior Ballet Monday 6:40 Miss Colleen
The Game of Life Camryn Woods Solo COMPETITION Miss Danielle
Dominoes Senior Modern Monday 7:40 Miss Nicole
Tug of War Elite Large Jazz 16-19 Tuesday 7:40 Miss Melissa
Relay Race Nina Kelly Solo COMPETITION Miss Nichole
Monopoly Advanced Senior Jazz Tuesday 6:40 Miss Melissa
Tetris Elite Small Hip Hop 13-15 Thursday 5:40 Miss Emily
Pictionary Juliette Wing Solo COMPETITION Miss Danielle
Risk Senior Lyrical Thursday 8:40 Miss Britany
Girl Talk Duo L (Jessie, Taylor) COMPETITION Miss Alyssa
Pretty Pretty Princess Camryn Pereira Solo COMPETITION Miss Britany
Capture the Flag Pointe Saturday 10:30 Miss Marisa
Cranium Sarah Doherty Solo COMPETITION Miss Danielle
Bejeweled Senior Ballet Monday 8:40 Miss Colleen
Fortnite Kaylin Salvatici Solo COMPETITION Miss Danielle
Mario Cart Recreational Teen Hip Hop Wednesday 6:40 Miss Britany
Marco Polo Duo R (Morgan, Sydney) COMPETITION Miss Amie
iSpy Senior Hip Hop Thursday 7:40 Miss Emily
Hive Felitcia Aliprantis Solo COMPETITION Miss Danielle
Hearts Elite Small Lyrical 16-19 Thursday 6:40 Miss Britany
Charades Trio J (Addison, Olivia, Juliana) COMPETITION Miss Nichole
Senior Dance
Pandora's Box PRODUCTION Miss Melissa