Recital 3
Sunday, May 19 @ 11:00 AM
Candy Land PRODUCTION Miss Danielle
Miss Nichole
Miss Britany
Flashlight tag Duo C (Sara, Kailey) COMPETITION Miss Melissa
Cranium Danielle Cohen Solo (Erosia) COMPETITION Danielle Cohen
EZ Bake Oven Recreational Ballet/Tap 4-5 years
Recreational Ballet/Jazz 4-5 years
Wednesday 3:40
Thursday 3:40
Miss Britany
Barbies dream house Emily Arthur Solo COMPETITION Miss Alyssa
Mahjong Elite Junior Ballet Tuesday 4:40 Miss Colleen
Musical Chairs Petite Core Modern Tuesday 5:40 Miss Danielle
Girl Talk Mini Core Jazz Monday 3:40 Miss Alyssa
Taboo Abby Gurevich Solo COMPETITION Miss Britany
Operation Duo I (Jasmine, Chase) COMPETITION Miss Nichole
Candy Crush Recreational Ballet/Jazz 8-10 years Friday 5:40 Miss Marisa
Mall Madness Petite Core Acro Tuesday 4:40 Miss Danielle
Jump Rope Mini Core Hip Hop Monday 5:40 Miss Nichole
Checkers Elite Junior Jazz Wednesday 3:40 Miss Danielle
Monopoly Mini Core Acro Monday 4:40 Miss Camryn
The Legend of Zelda Petite Core Ballet Thursday 5:40 Miss Colleen
Just Dance Recreational Ballet/Jazz 5-7 years Saturday 11:30 Miss Marisa
Donkey Kong Elite Junior Hip Hop Thursday 3:40 Miss Emily
Slip and Slide Kailey Wu Solo COMPETITION Miss Alyssa
Eye Spy Trio S (Vivian, Arianna, Addison) COMPETITION Miss Amie
Dream Phone Recreational Ballet/Jazz 6-8 years Monday 4:40 Miss Taylor
Game of Life Chase Wissler Solo (Supermarket Flowers) COMPETITION Miss Nichole
Control (Video Game) Trio H (Sloane, Danielle, Abby) COMPETITION Miss Melissa
Pac Man Petite Core Jazz Tuesday 3:40 Miss Britany
Hide and Seek Elite Junior Acro Tuesday 3:40 Miss Danielle
Hi Ho Cherry-O Mini Core Ballet Monday 5:40 Miss Alyssa
Twister Recreational Acro/Jazz 4-5 years Friday 3:40 Miss Marisa
Pictionary Jasmine Teng Solo (In These Hands) COMPETITION Ellenore Scott
Sonic the Hedgehog Petite Core Hip Hop Thursday 4:40 Miss Emily
Catch Phrase Sara Anastasi Solo (The Radical Self) COMPETITION Sarah Sterling
Pretty Pretty Princess Recreational Ballet/Tap 6-8 years Friday 4:40 Miss Marisa
Battleship Duo T (Mia, Ella) COMPETITION Miss Danielle
Scrabble Elite Junior Modern Thursday 5:40 Miss Danielle
Pandora's Box PRODUCTION Miss Melissa