Recital 2
Saturday, May 18 @ 3:00 PM
Candy Land PRODUCTION Miss Danielle
Miss Nichole
Miss Britany
Tag Duo M (Haley, Lara) COMPETITION Miss Amie
Dress Up Morgan Drennan Solo COMPETITION Miss Danielle
Red Rover Duo A (Camryn, Allie) COMPETITION Miss Danielle
Risk Teen Jazz Wednesday 6:40 Miss Alyssa
Grand Theft Auto Elite Large Jazz 13-15 Wednesday 6:40 Miss Melissa
Donkey Kong Elite Junior Hip Hop Thursday 3:40 Miss Emily
Tug of War Andrea Georgenes Solo (Catalyst) COMPETITION Ellenore Scott
Mouse Trap Teen Modern Monday 6:40 Miss Nicole
Simon Says Duo B (Scarlett, Sarah D) COMPETITION Miss Danielle
Operation Teen/Senior Tap Wednesday 4:40 Miss Melissa
Game of LIfe Hartley Peck Solo COMPETITION Miss Britany
Fortnite Elite Acro Line Wednesday 5:40 Miss Danielle
Battleship Elite Small Lyrical 13-15 Tuesday 7:40 Miss Britany
Checkers Elite Junior Jazz Wednesday 3:40 Miss Danielle
Trouble Teen/Senior Acro Wednesday 5:40 Miss Melissa
Chutes and Ladders Trio D (Steph, Andrea, Vera) COMPETITION Miss Emily
Apples to Apples Vivian Massey Solo COMPETITION Miss Britany
Ouija Amy Sterling Solo COMPETITION Sarah Sterling
4 Corners Teen Lyrical Thursday 5:40 Miss Britany
Girl Talk Elite Small Jazz 13-15 Wednesday 7:40 Miss Melissa
Pretty Pretty Princess Avery Caggiano Solo COMPETITION Miss Britany
Ticket to Ride Teen Hip Hop Thursday 6:40 Miss Emily
Old Maid Scarlett Pigeaud Solo (Fallen Angel) COMPETITION Amelia Lowe
World of Warcraft Trio E (Sloane, Andrea, Amy) COMPETITION Miss Sarah
Charades Vera Gorman Solo COMPETITION Miss Melissa
Ker-Plunk Teen Ballet Monday 5:40 Miss Colleen
Guess Who? Kate Mould Solo (Who's That Girl) COMPETITION Heather Myers
Hide and Seek Elite Junior Acro Tuesday 3:40 Miss Danielle
Pandora's Box PRODUCTION Miss Melissa