Nuts & Bolts Cast 2019
Aliprantis, Eliana Peppermints Gumballs
Aliprantis, Felitcia Party Girl Soldier Lead Gumball (show 2)
Anastasi, Sara Arabian Flower Russian
Arthur, Emily Indian (Show 2) Snowflake Dolls
Black, Addison Party Boy Maids Peppermints
Caggiano, Avery Snowflake Sweet Tarts
Carner, Sydney Indian (Show 1) Snowflake Sweet Tarts
Cohen, Danielle Mother Ginger Flower
DePratti, Ella Snowflake Sweet Tarts
Euse, Eliza Peppermint Princess (Show 1) Party Girl Soldier
Fabiano, Maggie Gumballs    
Fields, Paige Maids Peppermints
Fortunato, Audrey Gumballs
Fredericks, Molly Party Boy Maids Peppermint
Georgenes, Andrea Drosselmeyer (Show 2) Flower Marzipan
Gorman, Juliana Fritz (Show 2) Soldier Ribbon Candy
Gorman, Vera Lollipop Princess (Show 2) Snowflake Dolls
Grogan, Erin Dad Lead Chinese (Show 1) Ribbon Candy
Gruen, Lea Lead Chinese (Show 2) Snowflake
Gurevich, Abby Spinning Top (Show 1) Flower Russian
Hall, Natalie Party Boy Mouse King Peppermints
Jones, Sydney Peppermints Gumballs
Kelly, Nina Party Girl Soldier Lead Gumball (show 1)
Kipling, Sophie Marionette (Show 2) Snowflake Dolls
Kislal, Lara Snowflake Sweet Tarts
Massey, Vivian The Nutcracker (Show 2)
Montemayor, Olivia Lollipop Princess (Show 1) Mom Snowflake
Mould, Kate Marionette (Show 1) Sweet Tarts Snowflake
Peck, Hartley Drosselmeyer (Show 1) Flower Russian
Pigeaud, Scarlett Snow Queen Flower Marzipan
Posterro, Corynne Gumballs
Posterro, Lucia Gumballs
Rosen, Sloane Spinning Top (Show 2) Flower Marzipan
Salvatici, Kaylin Fritz (Show 1) Soldier Ribbon Candy
Scully, Addison Clara (Show 1)
Sterling, Amy Sugar Plum Fairy Flower Marzipan
Sterling, Jessie The Nutcracker (Show 1)
Teng, Jasmine Clara (Show 2)
Viale, Arianna Party Boy Maids Peppermints
Weldon, Hope Dewdrop Fairy Flower Marzipan
Wing, Juliette Peppermint Princess (Show 2) Party Girl Soldier
Wu, Kailey Spanish Flower Marzipan
Pre-Team Mice
Pink Team Gingersnaps
Mini Intensive Toys
Mini Core Chinese